FAQs - Circulation Enquiries - Patron Account

1. What is my Patron ID and Password?

Your Patron ID is the user login ID (printed below the barcode in the Student/Staff ID card) given by ITISC. Your Password is your MyKad number without hyphen for local students/staff, or passport number for international students/staff.  

2. Example for local students:

Login ID: 0600354
Password: 840908023776

3. Example for international students:

Login ID: 0600756
Password: 90056897

Note: If you are using a Replacement ID card, please use the new ID e.g. 0600354R1

4. Example for local staff:

Login ID: chewtm
Password: 671103015435

5. Example for international staff:

Login ID: johnlup
Password: H86533216

6. My password is too long, can I change it?

Yes, please approach our library staff to change your password.

7. I cannot remember my password, what should I do?

Please approach our library staff to reset your password.

8. I seldom access the email account provided by UTAR, can I change it to my personal email account for all my email notices?

Yes, please click here (Update Library Account) and follow the guide to change.